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Support for a New Direction

As part of its comprehensive approach to pediatric speech-language intervention, SPEECH PATHways supports families enrolled in speech and language services and specialized programs with helpful support groups to provide every avenue for success. Following are some links to favorite resources that may be useful to our clients and their families.


State & National Associations


Local Agencies & Resources


Specialty Techniques & Certifications


Parent Support & Advocacy Groups


Home Program & Material Suggestions


Complementary Therapies


Local Online Groups


Alternative Funding Sources & Private Health Insurance Information


Disability/Disorder Specific Resources

Autism Spectrum Disorders




Sensory Integration Dysfunction


Down Syndrome


Cerebral Palsy


Articulation & Phonological Disorders


Cognitive Disabilities/Mental Retardation




Attention Deficits Disorder


Language & Learning Disabilities


Hearing Impairments


Feeding Disorders


Auditory Processing Disorders


Voice Therapy Program


General Resources

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