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Services as Individual as Your Child

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SPEECH PATHways strives to be on the cutting edge of pediatric intervention, offering therapeutic options personalized for your child's needs. Many of the techniques we practice can only be found in a handful of clinics across the United States. The types of services we offer include:

  • Evaluation/assessment

  • Individual therapy

  • Collaboration and/or Co-treatment



Evaluations and assessments
help to analyze speech articulation, phonology, fluency, voice, language
(receptive and expressive), cognition, executive functioning, pragmatic
language, muscular function/structure and feeding/swallowing


CAS Apraxia

Many children with CAS have difficulty getting their jaws, lips and tongues to the correct positions to make a sound, and they may have difficulty moving smoothly to the next sound.


Myofunctional Therapies

Our skilled myofunctional therapists evaluate and treat orofacial
myofunctional disorders (OMD's). These programs are designed to improve
resting postures, speaking, eating and breathing.


Individual Therapy

The overall goal is to improve a child’s communication skills and functional independence, utilizing the techniques that work for them.



Co-treatment involves receiving treatment for multiple disciplines during a single session. This collaboration of therapy specialists can be of great benefit for clients. 


Executive Function Coaching

Success at school or work involves planning and organizing, developing workable strategies, and managing time and space, not to mention attending to and recalling details.


Now offering the THUMBS UP! Thumb Sucking Elimination Program. SPEECH PATHways' trained staff helps clients overcome thumb sucking disorders.
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