Our Goals

Our goals are multi-faceted but focused on helping children with communication disorders maximize their ability to communicate. We support children by providing grants and scholarships to local private speech-language pathology practices and programs that best meet the needs of the individual children we serve. In addition, we educate and advocate for children with communication disorders. Our focus and resources are directed in four key areas:  


The SPEECH PATHways Foundation provides funding to individuals seeking private speech-language pathology services and programs in the Carroll County area. These funds are earmarked specifically to make available the highest quality speech-language pathology assessment and intervention.
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Support of Parents & Professionals

The SPEECH PATHways Foundation supports parents and professionals with regular educational opportunities, including Pathways to Parent Support & Training. Through education, parents and professionals can advocate for their children and their specific needs. Through training, they may learn to better facilitate therapeutic procedures. By gaining new skills and techniques, parents and professionals are able to ensure that the highest quality services reach children. Regular support meetings also provide parents with support and guidance from other parents and professionals.


The SPEECH PATHways Foundation delivers education for parents, caregivers, teachers and medical professionals to promote understanding of the prevalence of communication disorders and the speech-language pathology services available to treat them.  The Foundation also promotes public awareness of the normal development of communication. 


The SPEECH PATHways Foundation advocates for children who have communication disorders. We educate and lobby governmental agencies and elected officials to improve the access of speech and language therapy services for all children.

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SPEECH PATHways Foundation 2012 Appeal
Kimberly A. Bell, M.S., CCC-SLP explains how the SPEECH PATHways Foundation strives to make a lasting difference in the lives of Carroll County children and their families.
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Foundation Awards Its First Grants to Area Families
In May 2010, SPEECH PATHways Foundation awarded its first two grants to help families pay for speech therapy services..

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